Friday, March 16, 2018

Doing a happy dance!

Hello sweet quilting friends!  Just wanted to pop in and share my new pattern covers.  And to let everyone know my patterns are now offered as a physical pattern that can be shipped anywhere in the U.S.  For now they are only available in my Etsy shop but there's plans in the works to get them out there everywhere!  Of course the PDF patterns are still available for instant download.  It's so exciting to see a dream come to life however gradually it may be.  A big ole THANK YOU to each one of you for your support over the years.

~ Lea Anne Brummett ~
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Monday, February 19, 2018

~ Attack of the Scraps! ~

This all started out as a need/want for a new quilt in the spare bedroom.  Then came a shopping trip that lingered for two days.  On the third day I finally finished cutting the pretty blue and yellow fabrics for the simple postage stamp quilt.  I may need to dig in the stash for a few more but this is a good start for a leaders and enders quilt.

Since I'm in the scrap cutting mood why not attack those white scraps that have been accumulating for years?  The box below is what's left after picking out what I could use in this project.

This gave me a chance to try out my new toy the Sizzix BigShot.  By the way Tuesday Mornings has these for $49.99.  I decided on the Sizzix because I can use dies from other companies, and at that price how could I pass it up.  Cutting for extended lengths of time are hard on my neck and shoulders but no pain what-so-ever after cutting for hours using this machine.

Then out of no where I had the craziest idea...... why not attack this basket of scraps on my cutting table.   Oh what the heck, 3 days have already been used up with this scrap adventure, what's one more day?  But that's more...after the basket is empty it's back to sewing!  


~ Lea Anne ~
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Monday, January 29, 2018

~Design Wall Monday ~ and a peek ~

Hello sweet friends! This past week has been a new adventure of learning to share my quilting space. I can admit I'm quite the selfish quilter.  My space, my tools, my fabric, and working on my schedule.   But my darling 4 yr old grand daughter has a way of melting my heart.  

And to be honest, letting her play with my scrap basket and design wall kept her busy while I did some quilting.  Of course as with any 4 yr old she chatted away as she played.  Chatting is the wrong word.  She asked question after question after question.  Why is this piece an oval?  How did you cut it like this grandma?  Isn't this the longest piece ever!?  Why do you have so many dot fabric?  Do you like dot fabric?  What's your fabric piece?  Are you going to cut more pieces for me to play with?  Can I cut some?  Can I take this piece home?  Can mommy have some?  Do you like fabric, grandma?  Why do you like fabric grandma?  Can I have fabric when I get big?  When can I sew? 

Grandma look!  Isn't this pretty!?  Grandma can I have ladder so I can put pieces up high?

Believe it or not I did manage to get something done besides answer questions.  

~ Lea Anne ~
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Tuesday, January 23, 2018

~ NO POO! ~

Hi! Sweet Friends!  You read that's right I said NO POO!  Now don't get scared it has nothing to do with the Porcelain Throne.  When I say POO it means Shampoo.  Since September of 2017 I've been soap and shampoo free.  Which simply means I only use all natural ingredients for hygiene.  We'll delve deeper into that after I give a little shout out to a fellow quilter/blogger/soap maker.  After months without any soap I ordered  homemade all natural soaps from Em @ Em's Scrapbag.  She has a lovely little selection of homemade  natural soaps in her Etsy Store.  Make sure to take a look around her shop because there's also some amazing quilt patterns.

You can read more about NOT washing your hair at Wellness Momma website.  I know what your thinking..WHY would you not want to be clean?  Well it's simple shampoo dries out my menopausal hair and soap makes me itch.  You don't give up bathing or washing your hair, you give up the chemicals causing the problems.  I still bath everyday, I just don't use soap.  It hasn't been an easy transition.  My hair has seen a variety of different and odd products used on it during this process.  Eggs, honey, molasses, baking soda, apple cider vinegar, mayo, yogurt, olive and coconut oil.  Sounds like I'm making a salad on my head!  They all work if you want to take the time to find the right mixture and rotation for you.   The one thing I missed the most was the perfumes.  I tried making sprays with essential oils and it just wasn't the same.  So two weeks ago I caved and washed my hair with my old BAD shampoo that was tucked under the bathroom sink.  


I won't be doing that again. Itch-fest!  Well after receiving the aroma filled box of soap and washing my body with it (and with out itching) I decided to give Em's Lavender soap a try on my hair.  Just a small amount of lather on my hands and a quick rub on my hair, avoiding my scalp.  My hair has built up the natural wax and I didn't want to wash it away or cause my scalp to itch.  While rinsing my hair I noticed it felt really nice and wasn't squeaky clean...that's good by the way, your hair should never squeak.  Allowed my hair to dry naturally as always.  My hair is shiny and clean and smells so good! The unexpected side effect of using the bath soap on my hair was my hair was tangle free from the oil in the soap.  It also tamed down my frizzy fine hair allowing it to lay much nicer.

So if you've been considering going soap free.  I would highly recommend Em's Natural Soaps.  She sells larger bars as well as smaller sample bars.  Don't let the prices of natural soaps scare you away.  From what I've read, you use less of it so it last longer.  

~ Lea Anne ~

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